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Life skills:

Framework elements of personal progression

Skills that make your child able and competent for life are called life skills. The seemingly unimportant aspects of life are what makes some children more successful in life than others. Life skills give your children a head start on life.

These are the skills necessary to make them independent, responsible and adaptive. Inculcate the necessary life skills in your child to make them stand out.



After -school programs:

Gives a holistic approach to development

After school programs offer a holistic to a child's development by providing skill-building opportunities and social interaction in a safe environment.

These contribute to the well-rounded growth and development of children. These skills contribute in the development of the child's networking skills, creativity and added skill development.



Hobby clubs:

A forum for deliberation, creation and it's channeling

Set forth your child to explore and gain exposure in their areas of interest. SchoolPlus Creativity Club serves as a launchpad for your child's creativity and artistry and thereby, giving his/her work a spotlight. Putting them on a platform to show admiration for their efforts makes them feel a sense of achievement, motivating them to pursue their calling.



Light house:

Talk that motivates you

Provides children with career insights from experts from all walks of life. This imparts them a gist of various careers and professions allowing them to witness various professions firsthand. Introducing them to mentors across different fields offers valuable guidance and inspiration. Incorporating career-oriented discussions at home and in educational settings helps broaden their perspectives. Emphasizing the importance of passion, skills development, and adaptability cultivates a mindset of lifelong learning and exploration.

Career insight acts as a lighthouse for students by providing guidance and illumination amid the vast sea of career options.




Goals set gives one focus and clarity

Words of wisdom encapsulates valuable insights, guidance and life lessons accumulated over time.

These words offer perspectives and frames of reference that help children with decision making and navigation of challenges.

Words of wisdom help children with self discovery, creative thinking and confidence building.

Words of wisdom sets forth a positive outlook towards challenges and setbacks, helping children approach difficulties with enthusiasm and viewin them as opportunities to learnand grow.



Positive Parenting:

Building Strong Bonds: Positive Parenting Strategies for Nurturing Healthy Development

Positive parenting is an approach that emphasizes warmth, empathy, and constructive discipline. It involves building a strong parent-child relationship based on mutual respect and open communication. Necessary for fostering emotional well-being, positive parenting nurtures healthy relationships and promotes positive behavior through encouragement and support rather than punishment. By acknowledging children's feelings and needs, it cultivates resilience, self-esteem, and independence. This approach to parenting is vital as it provides children with a nurturing environment where they feel valued, understood, and empowered to grow into confident, compassionate individuals capable of navigating life's challenges with graceĀ andĀ resilience.

Hobby clubs

Active Clubs

1. Art clubArt
2. ChessChess
3. computer & ITcomputer & IT
4. CookeryCookery
5. CraftCraft
6. LanguageLanguage
7. DanceDance
8. LiteraryLiterary
9. Photography & VideographyPhotography & Videography
10. Robotics & ModellingRobotics & Modelling
11. MusicMusic
12. YogaYoga
13. Public speakingPublic speaking