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Why be an SPSA?

Being an SPSA means being a registered affiliate of SPS and a source of income by utilizing your network of people.

How can an SPSA earn money?

Each SPSA gets a unique code called a Registered Unique Ambassador Code (RUAC), listed as a 'Discount Code' on their promotional materials. When a buyer uses this code for a 5% discount, the SPSA earns 10% of the course value. This amount is credited to their account and paid out every two weeks.

What is an SPSA expected to do?

Every SPSA receives customized promotional posters from the Principal Company, featuring their RUAC. These posters come in various sizes for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. SPSAs are expected to post these in different groups to raise awareness about the courses.

How much can an SPSA earn?

Unlimited. An SPSA earns more money the more they work, resulting in more promotions, sales, and revenue.

Typically, an SPSA can get 10 students to enroll in a course that costs INR 2000 per month. This would earn the SPSA INR 2000 for that month.

If the SPSA repeats this performance the next month, they will earn another INR 2000 from new students, plus INR 2000 from the continuing students. So, they will earn at least INR 4000 in the second month.

If the SPSA continues at this pace every month, their earnings will grow as follows:

1. Month 3: INR 6000
2. Month 4: INR 8000
3. Month 5: INR 10000

The SPSA continues to earn from their enrolled students as long as the students stay in the course and don't switch to another SPSA.
It means a regular royalty income once a sales is completed and continued.

Who can become an SPSA?

Anyone, having a strong social or professional network and want to earn extra income while supporting whole child development, we invite you to join us as an SPSA. We welcome school teachers and educationists to be part of our team.

What does it take to become an SPSA?

Becoming an SPSA is straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:
1. Fill out an application with the following information
2. Your name, address, occupation details, phone number, and email ID.
3. Include a recent photograph of yourself.
4. Provide a valid identity proof such as Aadhar card (front & back), PAN card, Driving License, or Voter ID Card.
5. Bank account details for payment crediting purposes.

Does it demand any upfront fees to become an SPSA?

Becoming an SPSA is completely free and does not require any upfront or advance fees.

What is the support that an SPSA gets from the Principal Company?

Here are the services you will receive:
1. A unique ID for tracking your performance.
2. Training on how to sell the courses.
3. Customized posters with discount codes for promotions.
4. New products that meet current market needs.
5. Support from our counselor to help you sell courses.
6. Monthly awards for top-performing SPSAs.

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