We are EduBiz Networks and we are in the business of connecting the dots. We connect multiple knowledge resources to create creative solutions. And we have consciously chosen education & learning as our domain to connect-the-dots.

We believe that – It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.

We also believe that – Building a solid foundation during the childhood will not only help him or her to reach their full potential but will also result in better societies as a whole.

Hence we decided to connect-the-dots that can contribute to the overall growth and development of the childhood education and hence we formed:


To help schools add values to their essential services and thus creating superiority.


To improve the goodness of schools and raising the standards of schools.


To provide an expanded platform to showcase the variety of skills and talents and explore them beyond their status of a school, with district level, state level, zonal level & national level competitions.


To help the parents choose the appropriate school for their ward based ontheir liking & preferences and not just based on whims and influences.


To recognize the students, teachers, the individuals, professionals & the institutions based on their achievements & accomplishments.


To help connect many such unidentified exceptional education related services with the schools and thus making them available to all.


To facilitate the befitting of people and the schools to the best possiblility, and enabling the human resources to attain the satisfaction and the schools achieve the excellence.


To help childen grow 360 degree by making them accessible to all that they need to grow, and particularly the stuffs that are beyond the scope of the schools.

Although, we have not yet finished with our developments on the above assigns, we are fairly placed to serve you on each of them.

We invite your ideas and thoughts on the further development of our organization so that we can serve you better.