Throughout their 15 years of schooling, from nursery to class XII, the average student dedicates approximately 92% of their daily time to productive activities, leaving 8% of their time spent on non productive pursuits.

Breakdown of school students time spent yearly

DaysHoursHours% Utilization
Total Hours/ year36524.008760
Essential daily activities3652.50812.510.42%
Family & socializing3651.50547.56.25%
Wasted Time8.02%
Wasted time in hours/ day1.82

While the average child squanders about 2-hours daily on unproductive activities, the most successful students harness this time for meaningful pursuits, creating a stark distinction between them.


After researching on the attributes of success, we found that the following elements contribute towards achieving success and are least contributed by the schools.

1. Vision, Goals & Clarity of purpose

2. Passion & Growth mindset

3. Desire, Self-determination & Drive

4. Focus, Wholeheartedness, Persistence, Resilience & Never give-up

5. Opportunistic, Judgment & Risk

6. Talent, Preparation, Hard-word, Self-discipline & Keeping up-to-date

7. Humility, Courage, Patience & Readjustments

8. Wisdom, Common-Sense & Time Management

9. Joyfulness & Happiness


While schools focus on imparting academic knowledge, the responsibility of nurturing essential life skills falls upon parents' shoulders.

These critical skills require parents' dedicated attention. However, time constraints and a lack of expertise often pose significant challenges. Despite these hurdles, parents demonstrate a strong willingness to address these issues if they are well-informed.

SchoolPlus.Store firmly believes that the importance of these life skills will continue to grow exponentially as technological advancements reshape the challenges faced by our younger generations. We need to act promptly to bridge this developmental gap.


In response to this challenge, SchoolPlus.Store has pioneered a global movement to empower parents and educators to instill these essential qualities in children. We invite individuals who share our passion to join us in this endeavor.

We look forward to your contributions in the following fields:

1. Life skills coaching

2. Future skills guiding

3. Parenting counselling

4. After-school programs tutoring

5. Career escorting

6. Shepherding wisdom

7. Creative Clubs mentoring


"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

- George Barbard Shaw

Let's create lives.

Let's make the difference.